The Benefits of a Cloud-Based POS System | CAKE, a Sysco Corporation

No matter how you look at it, POS systems are becoming the mainstream method of handling business transactions. Because they offer organizations the option of streamlining the entire transaction process as well as handling their inventory and pricing designations in a more organized fashion, point of sale systems are significantly more cost effective and comprehensive that the cash registers of old. Cloud-based point of sale systems give merchants of all types the option for mobile travel, multiple forms of payment acceptance, and other sorts of benefits that far outweigh the measly investment price.

Let’s Talk About Mobile Usage

The remarkable facet of cloud-based POS systems is their unique ability to free any business from the confines of its storefront location. Even if a business is traditionally online without a specific store location, cloud-based POS systems can enable that business to function in-person at events or markets. As the business owner, you have immediate access to all of the data in real time no matter where you are located, which ensures your business maximum efficacy without breaking a sweat. The most addictive part of the cloud-based system, though, is that they can take all of the information you have access to and organize it in a comprehensive and educational way.

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What About Multiple Forms of Payment?

Though every POS system is different and has an array of alternate features, one of the most appealing aspects of a cloud-based system is knowing that you can accept any form of payment without having issues. If you are trying to sell your world-famous tacos out of your traveling food truck, a POS system enables you to take debit, credit, or even PayPal-esque alternatives. That means your business can function unimpeded by the constraints of an alternative system. If you cannot accept payments for your merchandise, then you are missing out on customers. And those customers will remember that you cannot accept their payments in the future, too.

So, Are There Other Benefits?

There are quite a few benefits to using a cloud-based POS system, excluding the aforementioned ones. Cloud-based systems actually tend to  be integrated with the newest technology, and they are significantly easier to program. So, if you wanted to add a loyalty rewards option to the checkout process, it is much more easily accomplished with this type of system. You also have the benefit of added security through encrypted data.